Archive | March, 2003
30 Mar

Money – need money.

Apparently budgeting, like dieting, requires you to do more than say you are doing it – you actually have to do it as well !

So, in a killing 2 birds with 1 stone style-ee, I think I rigorous session on ebay should raise some extra funds, as well as clearing some of the old games / books / videos out of my folks place, for a fresh layer of crap to sit on top of.

Not sure I want to do a complete “all my life for sale” job, but anything that has gathered dust for 10 years is probably only worth keeping if dust replaces sterling as currency (In which case I will just haul all my old junk down the travel agents and blow in there direction…)

13 Mar

Told parents – tick.

Ordered iPod – tick.

Sorting house move – tick.

Not going too badly then. Just gotta farm off some furniture to family and friends, and sort out that all important route and ticket.

Gonna make a deadline of 31st March to sort those things out… after which I’ll do some sums and see how much cash I got knockin’ about !

Sorry about the incredible dullness off all this – it’s basically a progress tracker for me at the moment.

Besides, no-one is supposed to be reading this for a couple of months yet ! Then I promise more stories of (mis)adventure.

As your here, I gift you my quality link de la jour to be more entertaining than I.

Au reviour, T

1 Mar

No real progress so far – how lame. Need to sort out :

  • A route
  • A round-the-world ticket
  • Getting enough cash together
  • Sorting out some job thing in Oz
  • An iPod full of ‘choons to keep me sane
  • Moving out of the house I’m in right now
  • Telling my folks there getting a whole load of crap deposited back home quite soon

Better “phone home”…