Archive | April, 2003
22 Apr

I declare today, April 22nd, “Sticking your tounge out” day

So there :)=

10 Apr

It appears there are a lot of people buying second hand shit out there… must of made alomst 200 quid on amazon marketplace in 2 weeks !

Been feeling the cold turkey of not buying CDs though… no new White stripes album for me… or Manitoba… or Massive attack… 😦

Also been looking closer at routes and such – it looks like 1 grand will get me London -> NYC -> LA -> Fiji -> New Zealand -> Sydney -> Singapore -> Bangkok -> London, with a few thousands miles to spare for deviations.

Cancelled direct debits today – it’s amazing how easily you rack up these “money leeches” to drain your salary. It feels so good to just lop them all off every year by moving house or travelling – to be able to confirm that every penny disappearing from your account is either being invested wisely, or contributing towards a painful Sat / Sun afternoon of hangover hell 🙂

Pre-holiday pledge :- no blogging while drunk !