Archive | June, 2003
30 Jun

Boston – city of good lobster meals. Stayed over for a couple of days in the generous hospitality of a workmates cousin, with beer and lots of cable TV channels. But then it was time to head on to…

Zach’s Wedding !!!

Zach, an old friend from university, married one of the coolest gals in the world, Tara, this weekend. It was a fantastic weekend filled with booze, food, booze, late-night pool swimming, booze, dancing and of course booze. The hotel we stayed in, the Juniper hill inn, was loverly – it’s all downhill from here on in as far as creature comforts go ! Big thanks to Mr and Mrs Veitch for a memorable event.

Big hello to anyone from the wedding reading this – I’ll be sure to be in touch about sleeping on your sofas soon 🙂 Feel free to jump the gun and mail me first.

This post was actually composed on a laptop on the Amtrack train, midway through it’s 10 hour journey from New Hampshire to Washignton DC. We are just pulling through New York towards Manhatten – halfway there. These long trips could become a little tedious, I think.

22 Jun

New York – a city so good I came here twice !

Day 1 was a long-flight then lots of beer day. Weather is rainy and grey – not quite what I expected or packed for !

Staying at a friends apartment (Ollie) on Upper-East side – very nice and comfy sofa to sleep on + broadband access – nice.

Discovery of the day – travel towels. Brilliant things, dry quick, and absorb better than normal towels. The only downside is that it’s like rubbing yourself with felt…

15 Jun

Reading party – a bit of a blur ! Recall some fine drinking action across Irish, Carribian, Russian and Ozzie bars – then finally the purple turtle, of course.

Much booty shaking action was had in the turtle, and many leaving cards / presents went wandering – still have the inflatable globe though ! But no “star” stickers to put on it – they appear to have been distributed amongst the faces of everyone in the bar instead…

So that’s it – all leaving do’s done. Many kind words and presents from lots of people (thank you !)

Now it’s time to figure out what to stick in my bag – next post should be from NYC 🙂

10 Jun

Leaving London Party was a big success – thanks to everyone who came down.

If anyone has any pictures, let me know, as it’s be quite nice to have a copy online etc… !

Next stop – Reading – for more party-age – the theme ?… American beer is shit 🙂

Hope to see many of you there too !!!