30 Jun

Boston – city of good lobster meals. Stayed over for a couple of days in the generous hospitality of a workmates cousin, with beer and lots of cable TV channels. But then it was time to head on to…

Zach’s Wedding !!!

Zach, an old friend from university, married one of the coolest gals in the world, Tara, this weekend. It was a fantastic weekend filled with booze, food, booze, late-night pool swimming, booze, dancing and of course booze. The hotel we stayed in, the Juniper hill inn, was loverly – it’s all downhill from here on in as far as creature comforts go ! Big thanks to Mr and Mrs Veitch for a memorable event.

Big hello to anyone from the wedding reading this – I’ll be sure to be in touch about sleeping on your sofas soon 🙂 Feel free to jump the gun and mail me first.

This post was actually composed on a laptop on the Amtrack train, midway through it’s 10 hour journey from New Hampshire to Washignton DC. We are just pulling through New York towards Manhatten – halfway there. These long trips could become a little tedious, I think.


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