6 Jul

Washington (DC) – seven bargain-tastic days chez John have been good fun. There has been tours of the cooler suberbs of DC, as well as the obligatory tour of large impressive buildings that you see on the movies (shortly before the aliens / terrorists / tenacious children blow them up). Also took a day to explore the Smithsonian Museums, as they are all free here, and get a bit of culture on. Modern art seems to be gripping my interest most of all at the moment – but then again I didn’t get a chance to do the postal museum, so I’ll never know which is best…

Independance day was nice and chilled. Lots of people hit the mall to drink, eat and play Volleyball. However, not a lot seemed to happen until the evening when the fireworks started – then 20 mins of blinding lights and booms (these were good fireworks !) – after which everyone clapped…. and went home ! It just felt like there should of been something more going on – 100,000 people all gatherd in one place to celebrate independance from some oppresive little island, you just think they would have more entertainment things to do.

Next stop : Pittsburgh on the way up to Toronto, via Niagra falls / Buffalo. After this it’s internet cafes for web access – not broadband in my mates house ! So e-mails and blog updates may slow down a little.

Photos of my trip have been split into two albums. Firstly pictures of my travels, and secondly pictures of art and museums, to keep them seperate. Apparantly, you need to sign-up to view the photos – sorry about that – but it is worth it, honest !


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