11 Jul

This post is coming to you North-side ! I am currently in Canada. “But how ?” I hear you ask – well, let me tell you.

From Washington I headed via Pittsburgh, which was a nice bite-sized city to take in, especially as it was a Monday, and everything is closed in Pittsburgh on Monday !… well, not everything, but all the modern art / museum stuff is, and there are only so many shots of the “neo-gothic” PPG building you can take.

So next I crused on up towards Buffalo, and during the trip was informed that Buffalo is no fun at all by a fellow traveller, Laura – who has been travelling way longer than me (I’m such an ameteur !) So we stayed on the bus chatting until Niagra falls, Ontario, where I jumped off and stayed 2 days to look at big waterfalls and generally go Oooh and Aaaah.

In Niagra, I hung around with Pete and Elin, a top class Dutch couple I met there, and we saw the falls by day (boat trip !) and night (pretty colours) and drunk some beers. All good stuff. But then, despite Niagras claim of having over 50 other things to do – all of them tourist traps to the last – I decided to head North into Tornoto, where I current find myself blogging.

No real news from Toronto yet – I am on day two but the weather has been rainy again, so I have put off going up the CN Tower ; “Oh look, it’s a cloudy day for miles around !” ; until the weather clears up a little. The city itself has lots of intersting little districts (little korea is nice) which was good for food and probably fun to live near, but not really that exciting to be a tourist in.

Some good art was found in the ARO museum – and hopefully more in the Royal Ontraio Museum which is free on Fridays !… Because I should actually be out drinking beer, of course, but I’m a little skint and alone right here right now.

Next stop – Detroit – then onto Chicago.


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