13 Jul

It’s my last hour in Toronto – and indeed Canada – what better way than to spend my remaining Candaian currency that on the ‘net ! (the answer is of course drinking beer – but I havn’t got _that_ much Canadian cash left)

Toronto got better as time went on. I saw all there was to see of the CN tower – tallest building the world – so they say. I also met up with Laura tonight for food ‘n beer and saw a few of the cooler side streets I had missed to my general patrol. One of the problems of big cities will always be that the real core and heart of what makes a place kick is often hard to get to – I think it took me 3-4 months to really get into London. The other problem is you need to certain level of cash too – another resource that is a little scarcer these days !

Oh, I also almost lost my passport here ! Left it under my pillow, changed rooms in the morning, and then around 8pm had this moment of horror when I realised what I’d done – fortunatley no-one had been near my old bed, so it was still there. Before anyone says anything – yeah, yeah, I know. Just let it go… let it go…

Anyhow, in a hour I am heading out to Chicago – it’s a 12 hour coach trip. It’s kinda a drag, as I wanted to see Detroit, and I had someone to meet whilst I was out there, but there are NO hostels in Detroit ! I could stop off for the day, but then I’ll be running on 5 hours sleep and have to leave after 6-7 hours to get to Chicago (and a bed) for the night.

Better head on down that Greyhound terminal – and bag a loverly double seat for sleepage.


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