15 Jul

So, one overnight Greyhound bus later, and I’m in Detroit – CITY OF ZOMBIES !!!

Ok, not quite, but it was a very “28 days later” feelign as I wondered around the downtown area. All the shops were shut and no-one was around (Ok – so it IS 10am Sunday) – but over half the buildings are shutdown permanantly / abandonded – cardboard / wood boarding up the windows. I should also add that the one and only Detroit Hostel shut down a while ago. Along with most non-alcohol serving industries, it seemed.

So I was kind of getting the fear – I walked out of downtown up towards the “cultural center”, which turned out to be about 2-3 miles along a long straight main road, flanked by shutdown buildings and a few remaining party haunts. Eninem was due to play that night, and I had a feeling that any minute I’d hear a growing roar, and in the distance, thousands of slim shady fans would comgin piling ove rthe horizon line, tanked on gin and juice and turn this way-too-quiet urban scene into a sprawling melee. Ok – I was tired and a little over-dramatic at this point – but I jsut needed to sum up my frame of mind for the record 🙂

So early afternoon I got back onto the greyhound and went over to Chicago where I am now. More on Chicago another time – but briefly, this is looking to be one of the best cities so far !


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