24 Jul

Motels have turned out to be the answer – although not so hot for meeting people you can get a nice room to yourself for $40. Also not so good for getting out and abuot downtown at night – as you are really relying on buses to get you there and back.

Anyhow, Nashville was Country-tastic, and then I moved onto Memphis where my accomadation problems worsened – there were 100mph winds raging the previous day and most places were without electricity, or in some cases, walls. So 3-4 hours of wondering around I got to a bar at the edge of town around 10pm, made a few last calls and gave up. And at this point Steve, the guy next to me at the bar, overheard my plight and offered me a floor to crash on – which turned out to be a floor with an airbed + beer + a rooftop pool. Both very hospitable and nicer than the places I’ve been paying to stay, even without electricity. Shower in the morning was a bit cold though…

So I saw the sights yesterday – Graceland and Beale Street. Most other things were shut down or wrecked by the storm. Then I got an overnight bus to Atlanta, Georgia.

Today I’m quite tired – and bitten. It seems me ‘n’ Steve had wing-ed friends in Memphis, and I now have over 100 bug bites all over me – there are over 40 bites alone on the inside of one foot ! Needless to say I am in some for of tired – itchy – irritable state and not really feeling up for this travelling lark – that and all the places are starting to feel the same. I think I just need some good rest, although given the volume of the parrot in the hostel I found, that may not happen.


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