22 Aug

Onwards I ventured, with Erwann my new Swiss companion, to the town of Bozeman in montana. The idea being to try and find someway of getting to Yellowstone cheaply. The question was answered almost as soon as I got there and met up with Tanja – another Swiss companion – who was also looking to get into the park. The three of us hired a car from Rent-a-Wreck and the next day drove into Yellowstone park for 3 days.

Around the park we saw many beautiful hot springs (which smell bad and made me feel ill one night), some waterfalls and a big canyon. The first night I spent in the tent we had and almost froze to death ! Forgot it got colder up north, and only had my sheet sleeping bag… The other 2 night were spent in the luxurious comfort of the Dodge Neon we had hired, which was comfier and slightly warmer. Just like the Reading festival experience, only without the music and fun. I saw lots of wildlife, but no Moose or Bears. We did have a close encounter with Bison though that was fun and scary – we detoured away from them fairly sharpish.

Photos uploaded soon I hope – I only have 9 shots left on my camera ! I think Yellowstone will make a seperate album – lots of nature shots with me grinning in them coming soon…

After the park, we returned the car and boarded a Greyhound bus – and 16 hours later I find myself in Seattle – tired as hell after four crappy nights sleep in a row. My bed should be ready now, so it’s time to jump off the internet and under the sheets for a mid-morning power nap. More from my advenrtures in the west coast land of java and rock sometime soon !


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