27 Aug

Seattle didn’t get me straight away. Infact, after the first night of tourism and drinking I was fairly unimpressed. To try and kick start my flagging enthusiasm, I did the touristy stuff – space needle, Expericence Music Project (in it’s crazy Ghery building) and a starbucks coffee (corpoarte whore that I am 🙂

This sort of did the trick and that evening – and after I failed to get up in time to get the bus, the next evening – I got happily trashed whilst watching bad movies and going out the the Green Croc. club, where I saw the Bellrays (Rock ‘n’ Soul music, and much improved from last time I saw them), and the next night was Northern State (basically the Beastie Girls – nothing more but nothing less).

Finally I got up early enough to hurl my self into the hound up to Vancouver which is a wonderful city. I has cheap sushi, a great park to walk / bike around in, big city stuff in a small city area and easy access to outdoor stuff (including Whistler, of course). I could spend more time here – if there was more snow !

Not too much touristy stuff to do, and I felt like a break from the beers, so I went to see “American Splendor” in the cinema, about the life and story of Harvey Pekar, writer of the underground comic the film is named after. It was a really good film, lots of comedy and real life moments, and one of the first good films I’ve seen in a while out here whilst sifting through the summer release garbage.

One more day out here and then I’m smuggling myself back over the boarder and down the West Coast.


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