29 Aug

I’m back over the border – and into Portland, Oregon. Today was self-pampering day, as I’ve been in a shitty mood for days now and a little bit tired. Once I hit the hostel after the overnight greyhound bus, they had to open up a new room so I could get a bed, and this room oddly enough had 2 bunk-beds, one with a “double-bed” bottom bunk. That was soooo mine.

Napped until midday, then refereshed I had a sandwhich with healthy stuff in it (nothing fried for once) and popped into the chinese gardens for an hour of zen sitting and drinking fancy tea. Once my ying had vaguely located my yang, I headed out again, picked up a ticket for the Dandy Warhols (playing tonight) as compensation for missing lots of other musical stuff (Lollapalooza, Bumbershoot), and wondered around the Portland Art museum. Feeling very rested and up for lots of beer and rock now. Woohoo.

It’s so clean and tree-lined out here – big shout out to people living out in the big smoke !


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