21 Sep

Grand Canyon was a big hole in the floor but quite impressive. I’d love to go back there and do a 2-3 day trek into the center of it – just walking around the outside didn’t quite capture how godamn big it was 🙂

But after a few hours of walking and gawping, we headed back into San Diego where we stayed round mission beach and partyed a few days away. Then back into LA for some final all-night benders on Sunset strip (during which our SUV aquired a new outside paint job from a new drunken friend) and then a tearful farewell to Ben and Will… sniff…

Anyhow, one 11 hour plane journey later, I am now in the tropical paradise of Fiji where I have no idea where I am or what to do and I have no local money at all. Some more reseach could of been good ! Fortunatley I have been taken under the wing of three helpful girls who have all got some idea of what they are doing, so I am happily adopting them as guides and drinking buddies !


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