30 Sep

Bula !

After 10 fun days of relaxing around the various isles of Fiji, I find myself rejuvinatred, slightly better tanned, missing some more basic items (towel, sunglasses – whoops) and feeling quite chilled. Some of the final point may be attributed to today’s extended kava ceremony whilst waiting for my flight out of here 🙂

During my time I read books, played lots of drinking games with fellow travellers, snorkled and even got to dress up as a Fijian cheif during one evening of entertainments. As always, pictures will follow soon.

The only real story was the transfer between the two islands, which we attempted to do in one day going via the mainland to pick up supplies. This seemed a good idea until you remember getting supplies is not as easy as popping down Tescos – we are in a completley different culture and unknown town. So in buying food and booze we missed the bus (by choice) and got a taxi down to our dock – arriving one hour too late, which even by “fiji time” is a little tardy. The sun had set, the wharf was empty and dark and no-one seemed to be around…

Eventually we found one small shop that was still open, who called out to the island and got us a boat. Although, from language barriers, we were not exactly sure this was the case until the boat was physically there… and even then we didn’t really know if it was going to the RIGHT island ! All good traveller fun – not too worrying – but a little stress reminds you how much fun relaxing on a beach is 🙂

Off to NZ on a 4:30am flight soon – but first time to sample the local goat curry and one last Fiji Bitter


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