The first warning

19 Oct

Today, I bit the bullet, and checked… my bank account !!!

I have finally dipped under 1000 quid, which is still a goodly chunk of cash, but the first warning that money is not being replensihed by any form of employment, and that I might have to, in the near future… GET A JOB !!! Noooooooooooo

Anyhow, after a spot of white water rafting, I’ve headed into Rotorua, a town based over a thermal area. What this means is lots of nice mineral spas around, and that air occasionally smells utterly rancid with the sulpher ! Just like the Yellowstone park thermal areas, infact…

Whilst here I’ve had a go at zorbing, jetboating and “the swoop” – all good fun, especially the zorb, which they add a bucket or two of water inside to make it just like a giant washing machine 🙂

Note the new photo album – eXtreme activites. Many of the activities over here offer you 30-40 photos on a CD for less than printing pics, so this album holds all these pictures. I have normally pulled out 2 or 3 of the pics for the main album, so treat this album as “further viewing”. Mainly worth flicking through to see some of the stupid facial expressions !


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