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Sunburnt on xmas day

25 Dec

As I’m sure you’ve all gathered, I have just spent xmas day like any normal ozzie – drinking and sunbathing on Bondi Beach ! Preceeded by a xmas eve harbour cruise (with free beer) it has been a different but fun xmas so far.

I just want to say a big MERRY XMAS to everyone, including all the people from home and travels who have e-mailed me. It was really nice to get so many different e-mails from people all round the globe. I will try and reply to everyone over the next week, when I should have more time and net access.

Better go and check on my xmas evening meal – Kangeroo Balti 🙂


Jobless in Sydney

16 Dec

Seems like the banking job is a no – it’s been put back up for interview applicants – so apparently no-one go the job who applied.

Given I had amble skills to do the job spec it sort of implies my interview was poor. It would be nice to get more practice there… ‘cept I havn’t got anymore interviews yet 😦

No news is good news ?!

15 Dec

Still not heard back from the interview I took for the investment bank – so much for being told within 48 hours ! Meanwhile, I completed a Java test for another role, this time with a Government department in Sydney. The test was fairly easy, so hopefully I should get an interview from it. As with the banking role, I have been waiting for more news. And waiting.

Done some more labouring and book-sale setting up work. Naff money, but keeps me fit I guess ! Sore throat all gone now, just a cold, which given the occasional blazing sun is very odd indeed. Doesn’t feel like 12 days before xmas at all.

Not feeling too confident

8 Dec

Just took the IT interview – has a bit of a cold / sore throat going on, and sounded a bit flat. Also, whilst all my answers were good, I’m not sure I shined too much. Think I ballsed it up, basically – which with no other interviews on the 1-2 month horizon leaves me wondering if I want to continue labouring for peanuts over here for that long…

An honest days work…

7 Dec

Yesterday I finally did some work. 14 hours of non-stop office removal work for about a fiver / hr (before stupidly high tax). All my limbs hurt very much, but it was nice to earn a crust and get soem exercise at the same time.

Looking towards a more promising future in Sydney, I have managed to land an interview for an IT role in another investment bank – scheduled for 11am tomorrow. So I am now down in the library, preparing for all manner of questioning and generally crapping myself – mainly as I need this job to pay off the 250 quid of credit card debt I built up getting the suit + accersories for the interview !

Aussie life (pt 2)

1 Dec

After a few days on Bondi, I realised this was no place for a skint guy to be hanging around on his lonesome, so I headed closer to town into Kings Cross. Staying in quite a nice hostel now, with some good people around. Still no job though – looks like I’m going to have to get some labouring work to pay my rent whilst I wait for sometime good to turn up, possibly post-xmas.

Had some time to look around the internet meanwhile, and thought this was good fun.