Road Trip !

12 Jan

So it was, on the 8th Jan, that four brave souls – Graham, Ian, Simon and I – headed off on a cross-country tour of South Oz.

So far we have cruised down the coast through Wollengong, Kimla, headed inland to see Minnamurra rainforest and then onto Batemans bay. From here we headed inland to Canberra and now find ourselves in Cooma, on the edge of the Snowy Mountains.

Our first days have been really good and adventurous. Highlights include almost being hit by a large frieht train as we drove through an industrial park, buying a large stuffed tiger as a mascot (Reggie) and exploring and sleeping in outdoors national parks and forests.

And of course, nothing beats waking up minutes from the ocean, going for a swim and making use of the free showers afterwards !

Low points include the staggering number of flys all trying to fly in bits they are not welcome in, and large number of mozzie bites. Scratchy buggers.

Finally – in “making my parents happy” news – I got a hat. Finally. It’s very Indiana Jones and makes me look dead cool. Honest.


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