Melbourne Life

18 Feb

I am now into week two of the new job, and it’s going pretty good. Lots of familiar J2EE web stuff and some new technologies to pick up. The job is for sensis, who make the on-line yellow pages and other search directories for Australia.

Last friday was work drinks, where I proceeded to drink for England (they had PINTS !) and left sometime later to meet up with backpacker mates in the Casino – where I then played drunken blackjack and won $150. I have this system, you see…

With my casino winnings I picked up some new clothes, including some running shoes and shorts – the intention being to go running before work in the big park next to my hostel. I’ve managed two runs out of four this week, which isn’t bad – and I am sooooo out of shape.

Currently looking for a possible faltshare or someway to not be living in a 3-bed dorm… although given my minimal commitment (just under 3 months) I am suspecting the hostel may be my new home for this period !


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