Further adventures in Melbourne

25 Feb

My morning running habit has carried on with “every other morning” being the accepted attendance level. Already feeling a little healthier for it all. Of course the increase in drinking that comes with suddenly having money is probably off-setting this gain, but no-ones perfect…

In other news, I continue to be an absent-minded fool as always, and forgot that my flight out of Brisbane to Singapore was originally booked for last Saturday. I called them up and discovered the reservations were simply cancelled and I could reorganise my flights at no extra cost (phew). I also discovered my tickets definaltly expire on June 21st, so my latest revised plan is :

  • 9th May : Last Day of contract

  • 26th May : Brisbane -> Singapore

  • 30th May : Singapore -> Bangkok

  • 20th June : Bangkok -> London (arriving 7:10pm)

Of course, all these plans may change at the drop of a hat – but then again, that’s the whole appeal of travelling in a nutshell – the freedom to do what you want with your time and the associated responsibility with not wasting it all sitting infront of the TV ! That said, I have been watching a lot of “Neighbours” recently, but only to see if Dr Karl gets back together with the Susan (MILF). It’s a tricky subject – but if I start watching reality TV shows, I give people permission to pull the plug – It’ll be better that way.


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