30 Mar

Work took an interesting turn with the project I’m working on be technically pushed aside for a month, possibly forever. Bit upsetting to work on a peoject for almost 2 months, only to see your creation discarded, and watch another pick the bones for useful tidbits for THEIR solution. Ah well, just checked, and I’m still being paid 😉

Kite surfing lesson #2 came along, with a one hour session involving getting the board on your feet whilst sitting in shallow water and controlling the kite. Very tricky. I managed at the end of the hour to get dragged feet-first, board pushing ahead into the water, but not enough wind to pull me onto my feet – so my final hour of lesson has been delayed until next week.

Hope to take my camera down and get some snaps next week – it has lain dormant in my dorm room for quite a while. I emptied it of pictures today and found some pictures still awaiting upload. So the first lot, pictures of my return to Sydney, birthday drinks and last night in town drinks have been added onto the end of the Sydney album. The other lots are some Melbourne pictures that will be added into a new Melbourne album sometime soon.


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