Thinking forward

8 Apr

Recent events have caused a period of “forward thinking” in my life. Cataylsts include the upcomgin 4-day Easter holiday, which I was compleltly unprepared for, and looked to be facing 4 bored-as-fsck days sitting around Melbourne until I got a camping offer of some workmates today (woohoo !). Second thing was my contract renegotiations (ongoing).

With Glastonbury a big NO this year, the remaining things pulling me home sooner rather then later are the expiry date on my RTW ticket (20th June) and seeing family and friends, many of whom I miss heaps. The ticket may be out the equation, as I have negotiated a pay-off to purchase a new ticket should I stay on for a few more months here (as well as sneaking in an ickle pay rise too).

So I am seriously considering braving the Aussie winter for a while and continuing to increase my funds so that I can possibly spend a few months snoboarding in Europe this coming Northern Hemesphere winter. This would probably push everything back 3 months (leave work start Aug, return home mid-Sept). Seasonally, the timing sucks – after a whole year of spring/summers I’d be looking at a year of autumn/winters ! I’d also miss all the Summer Festivals for the second year running 😦

So that’s the state of play right now. Final thing to point out here is none of this is said in a tone of complaint ! I feel so lucky that I can be in a position like this – I just wish life choices were a lot easier… but then I guess this is once again what travelling is all about, facing what seem like big choices and realising they arn’t a lot harder than deciding which colour of penguin to have (because in the end they’re all nice and all taste the same, and tim tams are much nicer anyhow).


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