Archive | June, 2004

Picture this

21 Jun

So far camera course has been fun, but I got homework – how is THAT fun ? I’ve picked up a cheap old manual camera and a couple of lenses to play with off ebay. Early results – appaling! Aside from drinking, I’ve been watching movies and playing some board games (Chess, Settlers of Catan and Formula De) to fill up the evenings. Basically being very un-rock and roll at the moment, but saving dollar for future stuff.

Thoroughly bored of my job at the moment – a problem that has arisen in all many career choices so far ! Definate need to figure out what I really want to do, or who I want to work for needed before my next career move. Just counting the days really and starting to think about travelling onwards. Ah well – it’s Friday – it’s 5pm – and that signals beer’o’clock !


Itchy feet and Photo hassles

16 Jun

Firstly I have finally uploaded my Tasmania pictures – however it seems the website I am using to host them is finally making it’s financial play and charging for memberships. I have membership access for a year, enough time to migrate to another solution, but I am kind of worried this may affect access to photo alubums for other people ? Let me know if you encounter any problems – all album links are on the left-hand side as always 🙂

Oh – and you get asked for a login, you can always use benguest123 for both the username and password. The only reason to create a login is if you want to add “personal” comments – you can always e-mail me them instead, of course 🙂

Speaking of photos, after the cancellation of my cocktail course (not enough interest – go figure), tonight I am starting my camera course. Should be fun to do something different in the evenings, and maybe learn why my photos suck half of the time 🙂 Have to sign up for advanced photography to find out why they suck the other half of the time…

Recently I’ve been to a classical concert, a bit of bowling, drinking frozen cocktails and a few movies. Still waiting for the new Micheal Moore film to come out here, until then looking forward to the unobjective but fun McDonalds slur/documentry, and of course the “bet it’s rubbish” remake of a horror classic.

I’ve also been reading e-mails for travellers and ex-travellers alike, both giving me itchy feet and a desire to get out there and travel again. Only 7 more weeks… hmmm, that’s quite a long time. I also fancy a spot of snowboarding – seems we are geting some snow down here and I’m not sure I can wait until January 🙂

Back to (Melbourne) life, back to reality

2 Jun

With business visa in hand I finally returned to work a couple of weeks ago. And I’m now dealing with trival daily stuff like sorting out camera repairs and sorting out lots of neglected finacial stuff.

Nothing really blog-worthy aside from the discovery that a friend of mine has broadband + firewire ports in his computer which = new tunes on the iPod ! It can be a drag being stuck with the same 4,118 songs for 10 months 🙂

Currently dealing with the “nesting / consumer” instinct that wishes I had my own place to deck-out and put lots of things that I want to own. Possessions do not = happiness as I know, but when your livin’ the city life, the city instincts kick in, and I want more stuff 🙂 I need to learn to be engaged and happy without computer stuff and toys, but sometimes I’m jsut sh*t bored in the evening.

So much so that I’ve signed up for a couple of evening classes – firstly, a one-session class of the art of cocktail mixing, which should be fun – and secondly a six-session course on Basic Photography skils. Think I need my own SLR camera for that though, and not a busted digital one ! Have to see if someone can loan me one for the classes (bit suprised that the course doesn’t offer deposit based camera loans).

Was going to learn a new language (Espanol), but remebered how much I hated GCSE French, so canned that idea quite quickly !