Forward march

27 Aug

In three hours I will get on board my coach to Adelaide. The last few days have been full of final, final, no really honestly final goodbyes, which has been all a bit emotional to tell the truth. It was only as I left London that I started to appritiate what I was leaving behind, and I think the same is starting to happen with Melbourne. If I didn’t have plans to move on and see home again, I think I could of qutie happily stayed a long time in Melbourne; like Vancouver it was one of those vibrant yet pleasant cities you could spend a long time in and never get bored of.

But I must head on – lots of Australia to see, and plenty of people I want to meet up with back home before xmas. Plus of course, xmas dinner, surely one of the best reasons to return home of all! Last few days have therefore been spent on Tax (tedious forms), Visas (tedious waiting) and posting stuff home (tedious forms). Oh, and I managed to fit in a very enjoyable session snowboarding and a few nice days in the country too šŸ˜‰ I am once again back to just a backpack and a small day bag, although not much room for expansion this time, probably due to the addition of my manual camera kit and some extra clothes !

Oh, Melbourne photo album is now complete, lots more evenings out uploaded with workmates and non-workmates on there. Camera is clear and internet access is no longer free – back on the road again !


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