It’s quiet… too quiet…

30 Aug

My first two days in Adeliade have mainly involved finding my travelling feet and resisting lattes, boost juices and tasty snacks – such luxuries are not permitted on the backpacker budget. My other money saver has been trying to organise a road trip up to Uluru, which so far has yeilded no response… It seems it’s low season, many of the hostels are near-empty and people are mainly headed to Sydney or settled with work.

So it may be that I have to opt for a tour bus package – not a terrible option as all companies are price cutting at the moment to fill seats, but somehow the adventure is not quite as great on a pre-organised tour, the road trip “fun” just isn’t quite there. But the fear inspiring sales tactics of the companies are quite good – after all the Australian outback is full of posionous evil and bad mobile phone coverage, so what if I broke down or got bitten on my own out there ! Ah, at the end of the day, lazyness may win out and get me to sign me up for the tour option 🙂


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