The drugs DO work

25 Sep

The drugs have cured me, despite my forgetting to not drink, and I am much better now. Thank you for your many e-mails of sympathy and get well wishes – I’d like to think that each and every one contributed towards my recovery – but in reality in was a few grammes of fludoxycillian type stuff 🙂 Picture of my then bumpy face can be seen here

I have completed my week long trip around the SW tip of Australia, where I saw dolphins, walked amongst Kauri tree forests and climbed the famous 60m tall Gloucester tree, a fire-lookout tree with pegged climbing struts all the way up. Short of the NZ bungee jumps, it was the scariest thing I’ve done all trip – by the time I was only halfway up my legs were almost jelly ! Didn’t see any whales on my trip, beginning to suspect they arn’t actually real infact.

Final treat of the week was the RMax cinema, a failed IMax cinema in Perth that was brought by Regent cinemas and used to screen normal releases. Not sure why they don’t do this elsewhere, but I saw the biggest and loudest screening of Hellboy I think anyone has ever seen, and it was fantastic.

Thinking of shortening my time on the West Coast of Oz to spend a little more time in Taiwan at the moment – whilst Oz is a wonderful place, I’m not feeling the culture shock and wonder much anymore, and think more time in Asia would be much more fun.

Update – My flight out of Sydney and back home is now booked ! I have given myself just over two weeks to see Taiwan, and should arrive back in the UK on the 19th November, almost 17 months after I left !!! Full details can be view here


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