I’m turning Taiwanese, I really think so

31 Oct

Greetings from Taiwan !

Two days into my Taiwanese tour and I am reasonably well settled in. This is mainly due to staying with my friends John and Karri who have been very good travel guides during this time. I’ve seen a lot of local temples and night markets, as well as just soaking in the general culture. I’ve also been nibbling and samping a lot of the local food – when it is only 20-30p for a “snack on a stick” style thing, you tend to spend the whole day eating wonderful nibbly things. I have also had a chance to try the local brew, “Taiwan beer”, not too bad at all.

Tomorrow I will be heading out of Taipei and embraking on my two week tour of the island. I expect the culture shock will kick in once I am out in the country with no-one to explain what is what and where things are. Quite looking forward to it, but also quite looking to getting through it and getting home for some rest, relaxation and reflection. And beer.


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