Bad tiger

5 Nov

Quick update – after last nights post I moved onto a late night bar, having been invited down by friends of the hostel owner. Seeing as the hostel is called Gringos, and the bar is called Amigos, I’m guessing the hostel owner is ALSO the bar owner too ! These friends turned out to be half-working / half-socialising around the bar and remarkably good at convincing me to do tequila shots. I got a few shots free for being an oddity in town, and then in what I can only assume was an attempt on my life, was offered a free shot with every beer I brought. The beer was Tiger (one of my favorite) so I may of had what is commonly known as a “few too many”…

The upshot of all of this is I didn’t leave the bar around midnight as I’d hoped, but infact about 4-5am I think… As I’d taken a taxi down there, I had no idea which way the hostel was an preceed to head in completly the wrong direction, reaching the beach a while later. I knew my way back from the beach so finally got to the hostel about 6am. It was here I realised I’d lost my key, so with no-one on reception I tried to wander back to the bar. But of course I didn’t really know where the bar was still so I think I finally located it again around 7am. It was shut, naturally, so with no sign of my key I went back to the hostel and slept quite soundly on a chair in the corridor, aided by the half-bottle of tequila inside me and the fact I’d smashed my face and nose quite badly on the absurdly low entrance.

The upsetting thing about all of it is I had spent 30-40 quid already on a return flight out to a local island (green island) which was supposed to be really nice. But as the tickets and all my stuff was in my room, I couldn’t get to them and missed my flight. Not that I would of been in much of a state for it all admittedly. I guess I was just so happy to have people to talk to I didn’t want to to leave the bar. Plus free tequila is a wonderfully tempting thing too. So feeling a bit foolish, quite pissed off with myself, and very hungover, I spent most of the day in bed (when I finally got in my room) drinking water and snoozing. Had a little wander around town too, but was not in the mood to be pointed at today, so skulked into a cinema for a couple of hours.

Oh – just been told that a couple of the girls behind the bar were asking if I was coming back down tonight and it’s 2-4-1 drinks for foriengers tonight. Plus being a hostel guest I get free entry. Eeek.


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