Gotta get out of this place

12 Nov

So after a couple of nights out in Koashung I took up the offer of a free apartment room for a few days from a guy who’d just moved to better digs and hung around town to try and beat my travelling slump. This sort of had the opposite effect and I quickly found myself holing up during the day with a few beers and HBO movies. With little oppurtuinity for decent conversations with like-minded people, I had basically hermitted myself away for a few days. Feeling down, uninspired by travel and pissed off with spending hours to find food shops I can understand, I have resorted to 7/11 rice balls and beef jerky most often.

Hope I’ve painted that picture bleakly enough ! I think I’m having my post-travel blues before I’ve even landed. Maybe it’s all for the best, this way I can get through this little funk and get on with life once I hit English soil again. Either way, I’m getting up at the crack of noon tomorrow and getting out of town. With only a few days left it should be a race up the coast, keeping me far too busy to notice I’m not having fun. Should get back into Taiwan just in time to pick up some cheap computer parts and then cruise home !


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