Leaving on a jet plane

18 Nov

And now the end is near, and so I face the final… oh hold on, I did that one last post. Today is the last day of my travels, tonight I get on a plane and arrive in the UK sometime Friday day. That’s it – it’s all over. Finito.


I have just packed my bags, along with some last minute souveniers, one of which was a fully-specced up desktop PC ! This may cause a few baggage allowance issues at the airport I realise, but I’m sure I can figure something out. Besides, I’ll appritiate being home that little bit more after fighting my way through a crowded airport with 70+kg of baggage in tow !

My plans for my first days back are to spend a night with the family, then see some Reading friends on Saturday hopefully, and then into London on Sunday for a friend’s birthday celebration. After this, I think a spot of reverse culture-shock followed by dealing with 2 years of post, tax returns and paperwork ! Should be fun.

This will hopefully not be the final post on “exit turner”, although I suspect the ‘blog will wind down as (or IF) I settle down. But at this point I wanna throw out a big ol’ THANK YOU to everyone I met on my travels who made them so special. It’s not where you go, it’s who you meet, and I met some amazing people and great friends. Don’t be strangers now, ya here 🙂


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