Home is where the heart is

23 Nov

My flight home wasn’t too bad, although I was charged almost 200UKP in overweight baggage charges – so much for a cheaper PC from Taiwan. Maybe I should of delayed buying the case and power supply until I got home ! I landed safely and hurried through the green channel before they decided they wanted more money out of me, met up with my parents in arrivals and headed home.

I marked my return home by sending out a quick e-mail to everyone I met on my travels. Unfortuantly it managed to send itself five times – thank you all for your inventive jabs about that ! I blame the AOL client I am forced to use.

Over the last few days I have made it into Reading and London to visit old friends again, and it’s like nothing has changed, almost like I never actually went away ! People had warned me of this but I hadn’t really thought it would be like that for me, of course. There is something both reassuring and depressing about it all, the second part of which I am combatting through that old technique of “keeping busy”. Lots of tax forms and computer stuff I want to sort out, and with only a modem to do most of it over, it’s taking plenty of my surplus time up. Broadband is on it’s way, thank god…

I expect my honeymoon period of being home will wear off around xmas time, where I will be off snowboarding to celebrate the new year. After that, some other snow holidays are on offer, although I think some sort of income-type job may have a higher precedence. Just got to figure out what, where, which and when šŸ™‚


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