Now is the winter of my discontent

8 Dec

Three weeks back at home. I’ve caught up with a good number of my friends, eaten a good number of meals and played through a good portion of Doom 3 and Tony Hawks Underground. God I’m bored…

Whilst I was weary and uninspired at various points of travelling, I knew that once I pushed onwards, new places and people would offer some variety and new adventures. But now I’ve hit the end, and not figured out where next. Normally I am happy being trapped in a rut like this, having a base to work from and some structure in life is very reassuring. But this rut is my parents house, nowhere near the socials whirls and graces of people I know and without my own wheels. I feel trapped.

Escapes into London are offering breif sanctuary from all this, and the approach of xmas is something to look forward to certainly. Spending lots of money of snowboarding and techy toys is helping too ! But I see an end to the cash coming quite soon at this rate, and will have to start the job hunting soon. Even though I am not entirely sure where or what I want to work as. Post-travel blues are on me it seems ! Grey days and early nights arn’t helping much either – travel tip : return home for the SUMMER !


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