Hi Hooooooo

17 Feb

After a month of interviews, stress attacks and sofa hopping in London I have finally got a job. In the end, no less than six offers came through (blimey) and the task of whittling them down was tricky. But eventually, I decided to go with a gut feeling as well as sidestep the finacially based jobs to take up a software development role with a small company (20 people) called Propero who are based in Waterloo.

This starts on Monday (ooooo) and has hightlighted the next problem in my so called life, which is that I am still living with my parents . Not relishing the thought of a daily commute, I am looking for a slightly more permanant base in London, but fear I may be sofa hopping for a few more weeks until that all comes about.

Trying not to let my nomadic existance bring me down, several hosuing type offers have appeared, it’s just a matter of time ! Plus I don’t actually get a paycheck until end of March now, so maybe the low rent situation isn’t all THAT bad 🙂 Keep tuend for more first-week at work news, where I predict I will have lots of doco to read, and no computer to work with – just going on past form, you understand 😉


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