No-one ever said it was gonna be easy

16 Mar


New job, moving house and no money. It’s all a bit sressful truth be told ! Still, today was the first proper sunny day in England, so it’s offcially Spring here I guess. Took it’s bloody time…

Breaking down the trinity of stress, new job is actually fine. I am working on fixing my first bug today, after finally getting a groudning in what the project is, where I fit in and what toys I get to work with. But this takes up a lot of my time and gray matter, leaving me a little drained for the now vital task of house hunting.

Four of us are moving in together now – four lads incidently – so, yes, it’s true, outside of university I’ve never lived with a lass ! (phew 🙂 The date is set as April the 18th – leaving just under a month to snag a decent place… and we’re not really drowning in places to view right now. Hopefully something will work out, as my “temporary rentals” all expire on that date, and ALL FOUR of us will be onto sofa-hopping !

Finally the lack of money should be sorted come next week – hope so as I’ll be off snowboarding then ! Yes, I am taking a legendary three holidays this season… ha ha ha ! But this means I am stretching funds and debts to the max. and will be much happier once real cash is in the bank and debtors are all paid off. I don’t operate well under debt, as my government job taught me…

So that’s it – bit of a non-update really as not much has changed, but once plans come together and I have a new place I feel I’ll be able to get on with sorting out my life and London socials. Until then I’m just rememebering how stress-free and fun Melbourne was… when I had sorted out a house, job and cash, of course !


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