Everything is 72.6% better now

13 Apr

Late March took me off to the slopes for the third time this season – pretty decadant stuff ! This time the snow was not a lot better than previous holidays, but the hotter sun meant there were less patches of icy death. So with greater confidence, and some really sh*t hot boarding buddies to chase down the slopes, led to a 72.6% increase of narly-ness, and by the end of the week I had glided over some low rails, fallen off the badly named “fun-box” a couple of times and pulled some “sick” air. Well, about a foot of air, but I landed it and that’s what counts !

Pumped up from that, I returned home to discover my housemates had found a few good places whilst I was away, and a few evenings later we had sorted out place. We move in this weekend, whilst also trying to fit in a 10 year anniversary dinner back in Cambridge. It’s a bit of a military mission, but I reckon we can pull it off ! I will be living with three other mates from Uni – Jon, Asitha and Tom – one of which (Jon) I have lived with all throughout my time in London. I reckon it’s 72.6% better than living out of backpack – in other words it’s gonna rock 🙂

Having upgraded my “phat skillz” and housing, my final exciting upgrade news in my life was today’s iPod upgrade. Not by buying a new one (still paying off the snowboarding) but by picking up a replacement battery for 30 quid (with 72.6% extra power than the original one had) ! So this afternoon, using supplied plastic tools, I prised the case off my ‘pod, brushed out a lot of crap that had got inside it and managed to fit the new battery without breaking it.

Shit, now I can’t buy a new one… 😉

(72.6% of the stats in this post may have been made up to some degree)


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