Sunnier times

9 May

The sun has finally come to England, and things are looking much nicer – of course this is all part of nature’s ruse… but I feeling a happier bunny either way.

Getting out into the sunshine has not been so easy though – my ankle, which I broke and got pinned at university, has been getting stiff and sore recently. Not sure why, but thank god for our free health service that I can get it checked… after waiting a week for an appointment <sigh>. Not quite the 24/48 vision we were promised.

Back at home, the new house is looking very nice (finally) now that all the renovation work is pretty much completed. Started looking at home improvements really, in so far as my old television is incredibly blurry and my payslips are burning a hole in my wallet. What was a brief investigatgion of Widescreen CRT televisions appears to have become a more indpeth investigation of Plasma vrs LCD flat panel screens… Not sure our house is quite big enough for any of them, of course, but the whole tech-lust thing keeps me distracted from the fact that my TV is crap, so it’s all working out OK 🙂


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