London Bombings

7 Jul

Today was a hell of a day for Londoners and Englanders all round. Today, for anyone living in a media blackout, London was attacked by terrorist bomb attacks.

I was fortunatley far from the attacked areas, and therefore just caught a hint of tube delays as I entered work. But over the next two hours, I discovered that these slight delays turned out to be casued by the four explosions over the rush hour period. E-mail and a lucky text here and there confirmed everyone was OK. It’s only this afternoon that mobile phones calls are starting to come back into action and we can finally confirm everyone is safe.

Work was not happening in the offices of Propero. There was mouse pushing and keyboard tapping, but mainly people were just refreshing the BBC news article to get the latest stories. So in true British style, we all jacked it in around midday and went to the pub.

It’s now heading to 4pm, and time to start considering my walk home – it’ll take a while to realise what’s truely happened I think. I think I had expected such an attack to occur in recent times, after the events in the US and Spain, but I had never been sure what my reaction would be. Well, right now it is a little rage, a lot of shock, but overall it’s disbelief. What was this attack hoping to achieve ? “Why” is a word that seems to be used far too often today.

Why would a small pocket of people killing other people with No Warning in anyway change my resolve and attitude towards foriegn issues ? I can understand desperate men making a desperate statement, but this seems a well-thought out attack making an appallingly poorly-thought out statement against innocent people. The attack was against innocents, not powerful leaders, how could that ever change rational human minds ?

God bless everyone I know is safe, and incredible admiration goes out to our emergency and travel services, who have co-ordinated there emergency assistance operation with legendary precision. Time to head home, and grab a beer, I think…


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