Viva Espania part 1 – Barcelona

4 Oct

The first day of my trip out to Spain started on a cold wet English morning – the perfect time to head off to foreign climates ! But the day did not go too well all in all. Firstly my brother had overslept, which meant I boarded our flight alone, made more frustrating then by a 2 hour delay to our takeoff. A choppy landing into Barcelona gave way to grey skys and solid rain all day.

But I went out to make the most of it, seeing the gothic architecture, narrow streets and rain sodden views from atop the cathedral. After walking loads and ticking the tourist boxes, I rested my weary feet in a bar decorated with oragami figures kicking the shit out of each other which was really cool. Then I went back to our room and passed out for a few hours, only to be awoken by my tardy brother arriving from his later flight. I got up, we went out, and crazyness ensued.

The next day was our bike tour day, 4 hours of cycling round Barcelona seeing mostly sights I’d walked to the previous day, but rather than being wet and grey, they were now more colourful and vibrant. We then walked up to some fort, getting good views over the city, but truth be told because we’d run out of ideas of what to do and it was too early to start drinking proper. It should be noted at this point that with we had realised we probably need something to DO on holidays and seeing places for there own sake wasn’t really enough. This important lesson was learnt over the oncoming week…


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