Spain – act 3 of 3 – our heroes reach Valencia

18 Oct

I’ve let this story drag out too long, so to conclude we reached Valencia, sat in the Cathedral Plaza and had some cervezas. Valencia had a little more going on, we spent time at the aquarium, where we accidently ordered the uber-meat platter and then bloated on that we sat and gazed at our intellectual superiors performing tricks for fishbits. We also got some better food in again, now we were back in proper civilization, before getting a plane home, together this time round.

But in truth, 9 days of random wandering proved to be more irritating than relaxing – the very approach I’d taken when travelling just didn’t work as well on a one week holiday with other people along. It’s quite worrying to me that I am seemingly unable to plan summer holidays – I think I have always followed another more organised or focused group of mates before ! But with more and more of my friends going away as couples, it seems I need to start planning my holidays a little better – or just saving all my holiday for snowboarding !

Like last year, I think this year will be a three snowboard trips season. No point in working in this city if I’m not able to blow the cash on something I want to do. And right now, the snowboarding bug is biting hard. Went to a ski / snowboard show recently and picked up some socks, shades and wax, but of course what I really wanted was a solar-powered iPod compatible backpack 🙂 Of course, my iPod is still an old 2nd gen one, not compatible with most of the new accessories including that backpack – looks like I’ll have to get a new 5th Gen one as well… when they release an 80Gig model of course. And, no, I can’t afford all of that 😦

Yet 😉


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