Making good use of the weekends

31 Oct

Weekends have been a rare commodity recently. Much of the excitement was caused by the marriage of two very dear friends of mine, Julie and Alan. We kicked off with the Hen Night, which in accordance with modern ways was attended by a few boys as well. It was an 80’s themed romp around Reading’s Rephlex “premier 80’s venue” nightclub. The main bridal party got their superhero themed costumes on, which made for some good pictures.

Next, just before the wedding, came a long weekend away in Brussels – hearty eating and drinking all around ! Our big night out then invovled goblets of 10% beer, which went down like Coke, and destroyed many a good man. I didn’t feel to bad in the morning, mainly due to the little nap I had during the evenings entertainments…

Regratably, this weekend clashed with Alan’s Stag night, which I was told was highly entertaining and invovled some indoor fireworks 🙂 The groom and party all survived though and were all in attendance this weekend for the big wedding day. It was a great day, with lots of Reading friends in attendance and plenty of boogie-tastic music and funky fly moves busted out. The party season doesn’t end quite there, however – I don’t actually have a totally clear weekend until xmas ! Which could be seen as socially enviable, but its also sending a few alarms bells ringing… only 54 shopping days to xmas !


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