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Long time – no word

3 May

If your reading this, you are probably suprised to see a new entry – not as suprised as I am to be writing one ! Four months of silence is probably enough to discourage even the keenest friend living far away, but if you are here, then I guess I am quite flattered you’ve made the effort !

Let me reward that effort with some brief life news – in March, the company I was working for lost a lot of there income as an investor pulled out. Being a small company, this is not entirely unexpected, but it did mean firing any “uneccasary” staff, of which I was one of them (anyone brought in the last year or so was part of an expansion effort – so nothing personal taken there !)

But a few weeks off and a little time to my self and I have got a new job lined up with UBS. Expect a bit more stability there, and an opppotuity to grow again. Also, some good IT banking wages to pay for some of these weekends away !

So does this blog entry mark the start of a new wave of blog entries ? Well, given I’ve had 6 weeks out of work and have only just found 10 mins to fit it in, I wouldn’t hold your breath. But if you are catching up on general events and stuff, I always have my photo gallery on Smugmug – check out the holiday seciton for pictures of a recent weekend in Athens, nestling amongst other snowboard type galleries !