12 Apr

After straining my wrist quite badly on a London bus, I am on the road to recovery, having taken full advantage of my private-health care through work. God bless free Health and the NHS, but if your a neurotic accident-prone giant then I can heartily recommend Private Cover for getting your bits and pieces fixed up 🙂 How quickly the city can turn a boy away from his hippy communist roots…

Speaking of capitalist joys, with my wrist back in action, it’s been time to re-engage myself with the Wii. The game I’m mostly playing at the moment is Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. It’s a slow bloomer, with a little too much dialogue in the first hour and quite linear play for the first twenty hours as you discover new areas and powers. But those twenty hours of play are all good fun and the linear style introduces parts of the overall land to you in bite-sized chunks whilst teaches you dozens of tactics and tricks to get round obstacles and enemies. What this means as you get to the “now I have most of my basic powers” point, and the whole map is opened up for free exploration, is you can really get immersed into being part of the larger world, which is why Zelda games are great. Good, logical and immersive worlds to discover new things in. Only problem is all of this free exploration has left me somewhat lost of to what my overall mission was…

Some more quirky titles for the Wii seem to be set for release soon. A Greek software house has spoken (in Greek) about an upcoming game where you can use the Wii remote as a baton to conduct an on-screen orchestra ! Another title seems sets to take biometric readings as you exercise, and then upload them to a hospital for a fitness test. A little over-ambitious in my mind, but I applaud the idea ! Can’t see it working in the UK really, unless you have some form of well paid medical service in the country you live in… hmmm

Tonight sees a rest for the Wii (and my wrist) as we go old school gaming and pull out “Fury of Dracula” (see previous post). We shall see if the game mesmerises anyone into being bitten by the board gaming bug – it’s getting hard travelling 30 miles West every time I fancy a quick game of something 🙂


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