Spoon are great and so is Italy and so am I

4 Jul

Joyful is I, for today my pre-ordered Spoon album entitled “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” arrived. For those unacquainted with them, Spoon are a superb band, probably one of my favourite of any genre. Catchy chords and tunes, a great singer (Britt Daniels), many different sounds in each album – like the Eels or Blur perhaps – and solid song writing skills add up to a several superb albums, the latest of which might be the greatest. Don’t take my word for it though, go listen for yourself.

Just came back from a long weekend in Italy, seeing the Palio horse race. Photos should find themselves onto Smugmug once I’ve found a spare minute – not likely to be too soon though as this coming weekend sees me off to Wales for more partying and boys-weekend away fun. It’s combined with some hardcore outdoor walking too, so net the health might not suffer to much…

Finally today was my financial exam. Felt like I did quite well, but no results yet. Hopefully an e-mail later today will supply that. I guess the last exams I did were many years ago, and I’ve always had a certain expectation to not just pass but to pass them well. So fingers crossed for 95%+ then 🙂

[BREAKING NEWS] I got 93% – which I am still pretty bloody happy with 🙂


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