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31 Oct

Forget October – it’s over – welcome to Movember.

As part of a charity drive to raise’s Male Health awareness, and partly as a team bonding exercise at work, it is time to grow my “Mo”. During Movember (the month formerly known as November) I’ll be growin a Mo (slang for Moustache). That’s right I’m bringing the Mo back to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity because…

  • Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the U.K. with at least one man dying every hour from the disease.
  • Every year about 35,000 men in the U.K. are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 10,000 men die from the disease.
  • One man in 11 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime in the U.K.

Several other people at work are signing up for this – to be part of our team, give me a shout. Also, the golden rule of Movember is all participants must start clean shaven. That’s right – the goatee is going into temporary retirement too !

To sponsor my joint beard shave and Mo (moustache) grow, AND fight against prostate cancer please go to, enter my registration number which is 119515 and your credit card details. Or you can sponsor me by cheque made payable to “The Prostate Cancer Charity” clearly marking the donation as being for my Registration Number: 119515. Please mail cheques to: The Prostate Cancer Charity, ATT: Movember, First Floor, Cambridge House, 100 Cambridge Grove, Hammersmith, London W6 0LE.

All donations are made directly to The Prostate Cancer Charity which will use the money to fund high quality research into the causes, treatment and impact of prostate cancer and to provide support and information to men and their families.

Thanks for your support

More info is available at

Movember - Sponsor Me


There coming to get you, Barbara !

15 Oct
Mini-Hobby update – my boardgaming quest for the perfect boardgame may soon come to an end…

Over time I’ve picked up a number of games which on a high-level can be split into Eurogames (limited randomness, quite simple rules, quite deep tactics – e.g. Chess, Settlers of Catan, Gin Rummy, Ticket to Ride) and Ameritrash Games (greater randomness, lots of cool looking bits and normally strongly themed – e.g. Mousetrap, Fury of Dracula, Zombies!!!, Monopoly).

Now, I have some great Eurogames, but these can be off-putting for some people and are best played with a certain number of players. Ameritrash games tend to appeal to more people (due to pretty pieces) and can be more fun, casual games that work with a wider variety of people. So thus my quest begun to find the ultimate Ameritrash game, which needs:

  • Quick to play
  • Zombies !
  • Good player interaction (teamwork / conflict)
  • Zombies !
  • Simple rules

By all reports, Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game has this in spades. Released 2 months ago in the US, it has been getting great reviews from everyone over there. And it was pegged for a UK release this Halloween (how appropriate). But… today I found out that a tiny release of stock is being released this week (6 copies are headed to the shop that I spoke to) and then lots more stock will be released in 4-5 weeks (surely they mean “28 days later…” ?!).

And I am happy. As I have bagged one of those six copies 🙂 Assuming royal mail put down the kettle and start working again, I should have my grubby hands on it something next week…


Suddenly, from nowhere… an update !

9 Oct
Ok, three people commented on the lack of posts here – which is a lot in the micro-world of blogging. Besides, one of them was my mother, so what kind of son would I be to ignore my own mother 😉

I am assisted with getting today’s blog going with the handy firefox plugin ScribeFire, which offers you a little pop-up writing panel, which allows you to quickly start typing when the mood strikes, as well as easily adding links to the page you are looking at. Recommended to all firefox bloggers out there… yes, both of you 🙂 – or maybe not – I just finished this blog post, clicked the wrong thing, and lost everything without a warning message. So it’s a power tool without a safety catch 😦

Today’s post will be sidestepping my #1 project of weight-loss with a simple “click the Traineo link” comment. Things are going pretty well, I’m feeling healthy, and have gym sessions, cycling to work and now an occasional swim at weekends going for me. I have also signed up for the BUPA London 10,000 run next May, which is the furthest I have ever ran (and then that was almost 6-7 years ago !)

Moving on to more important housing news. Mimi has moved in with me, and along with Jon and his girlfriend we are cosily filling our 2-bed / 1-bath house. Not TOO cosy yet, although occasional morning waits for bathrooms and tripping over drying suggests that 1 month is the longest we can sustain this these days ! At the end of this month, Mimi and I move onto out new rental place in Barnsbury (which is located here). It’s a basement flat with a large bedroom, kind of modern interior, good storage space and a large shared garden at the back. There is also a large park space infront of the house, which might be fun next summer. The garden is shared with the house above, which I am led to believe has a lady occupying it who is often away and quite friendly, so that sounds like things should get on fine. We have men and large vans hired for the move, otherwise it would be just me lifting the heavy things, which wouldn’t be great, not with my back…

Yep, more back problems for me. Nothing major, just a slight stoop which was quickly “popped” out a large and brutal Aussie Physiotherapist. It has caused me a bit of neck pain, which became aggrivated at a recent trip to “the electric ballroom” rock / metal club in Camden. I probably didn’t need to be rocking out TO THE MAX, but when in rome… Anyway, it’s all on the mend now, and I’m sitting much straighter at work, the threat of a post-rugby victory trip back to the defeated antipodean physio filling me with dread. All that neck twisting, if done a little too hard, might… <shudder>

Well, I had some more here (before losing it) about writing (still ticking along a little), coding (not ticking along at all) and finaces (£240 mystery transaction with Tesco being disputed – people, check your bank statements every 2 months, it can pay off !) but they will have to remain part of my signing off paragraph for now. Apologies for the break from blogging, hopefully I’ll have some more news closer to the BIG housemove. And once Royal mail stop sitting about drinking tea, they might deliver my camera from the repair shop so I can get pictures too !