There coming to get you, Barbara !

15 Oct
Mini-Hobby update – my boardgaming quest for the perfect boardgame may soon come to an end…

Over time I’ve picked up a number of games which on a high-level can be split into Eurogames (limited randomness, quite simple rules, quite deep tactics – e.g. Chess, Settlers of Catan, Gin Rummy, Ticket to Ride) and Ameritrash Games (greater randomness, lots of cool looking bits and normally strongly themed – e.g. Mousetrap, Fury of Dracula, Zombies!!!, Monopoly).

Now, I have some great Eurogames, but these can be off-putting for some people and are best played with a certain number of players. Ameritrash games tend to appeal to more people (due to pretty pieces) and can be more fun, casual games that work with a wider variety of people. So thus my quest begun to find the ultimate Ameritrash game, which needs:

  • Quick to play
  • Zombies !
  • Good player interaction (teamwork / conflict)
  • Zombies !
  • Simple rules

By all reports, Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game has this in spades. Released 2 months ago in the US, it has been getting great reviews from everyone over there. And it was pegged for a UK release this Halloween (how appropriate). But… today I found out that a tiny release of stock is being released this week (6 copies are headed to the shop that I spoke to) and then lots more stock will be released in 4-5 weeks (surely they mean “28 days later…” ?!).

And I am happy. As I have bagged one of those six copies 🙂 Assuming royal mail put down the kettle and start working again, I should have my grubby hands on it something next week…



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