15 Nov
Last weekend was the first time Mimi and I got away from London, just the two of us, and went somewhere new together. Well, somewhere new for her, as we headed to Amsterdam, which I have visited a few times before. This time was different for me though, as I was able to take in more of the culture and feel of the city with new travel-widened eyes, as well as using the time to wind down, relax and recharge my batteries somewhat. Previous visits had been a little more hectic, and involved a lot more time in varied coffee establishments rather than seeing the sights ! Needless to say, we got a few photos

Another great part of the trip was to see old travel friends in there local city, and taking advantage of that local knowledge. Sure, the Van Gough museum was great, and we picked up some nice art posters to add to the empty walls of our new house. But just going to nice cafes, chatting about lives and sharing stories together was awesome. And of course, going out a great bar (The Pacific Parc) to dance at until 3am was great – the music was eclectic and I heard a great tune from the previously unknown to me BALKAN BEAT BOX (go to the site and listen to Adir Adirim – really fun tune to dance to).

Batteries somewhat recharged, we have got two more weeks of trying to furnish the flat (another weekend night in IKEA for me !) and get things perfect for the upcoming house warming. This should tie in perfectly with the final day of Movember – which is coming on nicely at the moment. My face isn’t enjoying the regular shaves (never did, hence the beard) so I am letting the stubble get a bit TOO long at times, but overall it’s a chopper style masterpiece Mo if I say so myself. And I do. Sponsorship and “Mo blog” links should all be below !


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