My brand new nieces

25 Feb

At the weekend, Mimi and I headed into hospital to see my brothers new born baby girls. Two of ’em ! And they look identical ! Mind you, to me all babies do look identical, but I’m assured this will continue for quite some time to come.

As with most identical twins, they babies were born prematurely, before they got too big and caused problems. But this means they are currently living in the critical care ward of Wexham park hospital. They are still quite poorly, but no more than is to be expected with premature babies, and when I went to visit they both took turns in kicking around a bit and wondering who the strange spotty hands and ginger haired face belonged too. In the picture below is Olivia, the eldest (by a couple of minutes !), sporting a nice woolly hat and some tube giving her food and so forth. Isabel was just next to her in another incubator and doing very well – she had a sunlamp on her and a tiny eye mask ! Sheer luxury, I have to pay for diamond membership of my gym for that privilege…

I really felt quite proud of my brother and his partner through the whole event. They have been so good at looking after the babies before the birth and now seem quite in control during what must have been (and still, to some degree, be) a stressful event. I’m sure they are going to be great parents, and Mimi and I look forward to spoiling the babies at any available opportunity !

I hope to see Olivia and Isabel (my little nieces !!!) again soon, maybe next time I’ll get more pictures of them and less of me. Then again, if they want more photos of them, they can write their own blogs… this one’s about me đŸ˜‰


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