Cheese me

1 Apr
Seven days in the alps a couple of weeks ago were fantastic for my new board and awful for any concept of weight loss I may of been entertaining ! Cheese and beer a plenty kept me fueled for days of piste carving and nights of liver pickling, along with lots of other food things in the category of “not vegetable”. Actually the dinners weren’t too bad, our catered chalet had some good balanced meals, it was more the lunches of potato, pasta and bread – often all three – that were somewhat nutritionally void.

But the slope conditions for the holiday were unlike more recent holidays – we had powder ! Piles of it ! This came with some nasty winds and hail on a couple of days, but there was some phat, deep snow to play in that made up for it. Being a Euro resort, much of that powder vanished quickly as it got tracked out, but actually I was enjoying the on-piste almost as much, so didn’t mind.

Anyhow, lots of photos are online now (hence the delay to this post) and it’s been a very good boarding season overall. My boots and bindings are looking a bit shabby though… might be time for some new ones 😉


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