A dedicated follower of fashion

22 Apr

Thanks lots of those who have sponsored me so far – I am currently just over halfway toward my target and looking for other ways I can try and make the full amount.

So I sent my details off to Diabetes UK, who kindly sent me back a pack of information and fund raising ideas for me to read through (most of them mentioning “the London Marathon” – I think they had a few packs to get rid of !). But the crowning glory of this pack was… the Diabetes UK Pink ‘n’ Black running vest !!!

I think both the fetching cut and colour of this top deserves a little support, so therefore to add incentive to wavering sponsors of my athletic efforts, should I reach my target I pledge to wear this fine outfit along the run, as well as provide all pictures of myself in this fine getup on the blog after the run (assuming I can get a photographer on the day !)

In training, I managed to run / walk / slow jog the race route last weekend, overall in a reasonable time, but I was plagued by cramp from what might of been a too fast starting pace. Such is the peril of training with my slightly faster friend ! Hopefully I can work on setting an even pace over the next month so I can get around the route in under my target time of 1 hour (hoping for 55 mins, at a push).

So hopefully I will find more capers than this simple crime against fashion to help get to the final fund-raising figure, but if you haven’t already, then please offer your support at http://www.justgiving.com/runfatbenrun and keep tuned to the blog for more news and progress.


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