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Up and running

20 May
After a little scare last weekend with some pretty sharp belly pain, which pretty much has kept me off training for the last two weeks, I am pleased to say that I am feeling a little better and should still be on for the BUPA 10K run, which is this coming bank holiday Monday.

Thanks again for everyone who sponsored me for this – it really added a lot of weight and encouragement to getting back into shape to ensure I can get around the course. Still hoping to break the 1 hour mark with my run, but essentially just looking to keep jogging for 10km this Monday, hopefully avoiding cramp which has been a problem for many previous runs.

Will be equipping m’ladyfriend with camera to grab a “before and after shot” to post up here, dressed in my wonderful running vest of course. Might even catch an “in action” shot too, pending being able to work out a good point for Mimi to shoot from !

As for the pain ? Possibly a bit of bad gas 🙂 Not so life-threatening…