The last gas

29 Jul
It’s been one of those big “blog pauses”, which often follow in step with one of those big “life pauses”. Not to say I’ve not been up to much – in fact it’s the amount of things going on with weekends away in the country, meeting family and a driving holiday around the UK that has kept me away from following my goals.

… oh god – he’s going to make a goal list again… Not so 🙂

The main thing I’ve been blogging about was weight loss, and I guess with this on hold I am feeling a real “pause” on my life. Well – not weight loss as such – but more like running training. Because whilst I have hardly ran since the 10K race, I have still lost a few pounds through a different and less fun avenue – nasty stomach infection 😦

For two months now, my digestion has caused me some pain and bloating, and then I got a lot of acid pains in my stomach and heart. The heart thing spurred me into the doctors, and after several visits I am now taking some high-powered acid reducing pills, lowering my intake (to zero) of spicy / acidic / alcohol and fizzy things, and currently seeing a gastroenterologist (sp?!) who reckons there is an infection in my intestines.

Hopefully I can get on top of this soon – with stag dos and wedding’s coming up, it’s going to be quite strange not being able to enjoy a glass or two of booze, plus one of the stag dos involves climbing mountains, which might not be a great idea given it hurts when I jog for a bus right now. Need to go book an appointment so the doc can take a closer look <shudder>


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